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Raising Resilience Workshop by Abracademy

Life is hard right? There is enough in the news to make you want to hide away from it all, without the trials and tribulations of real life on top.

So when I read about a Raising Resilience Workshop a couple of weeks ago, in one of the newsletters I get, and the fact that it would involve magic I was sold.

Box showing a pack of playing cards, silk scarf and gratitude journal
We were all given our own magic box as we arrived

So this week I went up to London, but rather than a UX event I was joining Abracademy to learn a bit about resilience and a little magic.

The workshop was small with a nice mix of psychology and magic.

It is all based on proper psychological research on wellbeing, so while we started by thinking about some negative emotions we were feeling and working through some strategies to deal with them, we also learnt a couple of magic tricks.

The idea is that strategies to deal with negative feelings and emotions might be useful, but if you can focus on gratitude and awe you are less likely to have the negative emotions in the first place.

And what better way to create awe than with magic! Yet while I found watching a trick did create awe for me, doing a trick for someone else and creating awe in them meant I could share in their awe.

We were also given a gratitude journal as homework, I look forward to starting to fill mine in.

It was a thoroughly absorbing two hours and while I came out of it with some good wellbeing strategies to practice going forward, it also made me want to learn more magic too!

Thank you to Sam and his newsletter for getting me there and to the team at Abracademy for a brilliant workshop.

All I have to do now is practice.

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