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Office Plants

I love nature and being outside and my first choice of career was Garden Designer (after Vet). So when my company moved to a new office where we actually have windows the first thing I did was get a plant for our window sill. First to join us was a peace lily, swiftly followed by a house leek, cactus and orchid.

Then our office manager saw them and I had a conversation which went something like this:

Office Manager “You like plants?”
Me “Yep”
Office Manager “How’d you like to get plants for the office?”
Me “Oh. Ok.”

photo of an air plant
Air plant in glass container

We agreed a budget and I tried to work out where to get plants in central London with £10 per window and a requirement for nice pots. I also had to make sure they were plants which would deal with an office environment. The peace lily does not really like it and if we forget to give him a good water before going home on Friday, he is very limp when we get in on Monday.

photo of a plant
Sago palm (cycas revolta)

If I want to get new plants at home I just jump in the car and visit one of the many garden centres near by. No chance of that here. However I had come across an off license near the office which sells plants, so I went to have a look.

I got a great selection here, then topped up with some air plants. This gave a good variety of sizes with plants which could deal with a slightly drier environment.

photo of 4 air plants
Air plants in Sainsburys glasses

But what to put them in? For most of them I ended up at B&Q which gave me a great selection of pots of all colours and sizes, but did involve a trek across London with a very heavy suit case. For the air plants I found that Sainsburys had some glass tumblers which were the perfect size and with a little bit of gravel and sand donated by my husband they look fantastic.

photo of a plant
Never did get this chaps name

I hope they like their new home and that the guys in the office enjoy them, even if they don’t always notice them. Although not your traditional UX Design project I really enjoyed the challenge of getting what I wanted within the budget and helping to make the office feel more homely.

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