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LTUX London - UX Career Clinic

This week I attended my third in-person event since Covid closed everything down. But it was an event with a difference for me. You see, I was not attending to learn more about how to get started in UX. I was attending as I had helped to set the event up and was even hosting the panel discussion at the end!

I have been involved in things like Ladies That UX London and UXPA since I started getting into UX. Volunteering at these events meant I could attend for free, meet lots of new people without the awkward networking bit and help make these events a success.

Mostly you would find me at the door giving out name tags (what better way to meet everyone?) or maybe you would read my blog post about the event after the event.

With LTUX I somehow started looking after their twitter feed, putting up links to interesting and inspiring articles on a daily basis and replying to DMs.

When we started thinking about running in-person events again I got asked to join the meetings - we would have to advertise the events after all, and it was not long before I was helping out with other bits and bobs.

I remember the first LTUX career event I attended and how much confidence it gave me that I could break into the field of UX. So given the chance to help run another one for the next ‘generation’ how could I say no.

In the end Sophie Mitchell and Lorisa Dubuc gave very insightful talks on what hiring managers are looking for, while Zebra People ran a CV clinic in the background.

After a quick break it was then time for our panel, where Grace Kisnorbo from Zebra People and Puja Parekh from our wonderful host JustEat, joined Sophie and Lorisa to answer my questions about standing out from the crowd, impostor syndrome and portfolios, amongst others.

I could not stay to the end with a train to catch, but the feedback I have heard was very positive and I am really looking forward to helping run more of these next year.

If you have a space we could use for one of these events, or you would like to speak please do contact me.

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