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Bloom and Wild Flowers

It was my birthday last month and it is my sister's birthday this month so by a peculiar coincidence I have managed to experience the full Bloom and Wild user journey from ordering to receiving all in a couple of days.

Getting organised for my sister's birthday, and still being in lockdown, I decided to send her flowers as I know how much she loves them and how they would cheer her up. I have seen loads of flyers and ads for Bloom and Wild so started by looking at their website.

It was very easy to use, with lovely photos of the flowers and the promise that their flower boxes will fit through a letterbox.

It is really easy to see how much it would cost, what would be included, and all your delivery options.

Once I had selected my bouquet, I was asked where it was going and when it needed to be there. Then I was given really clear delivery options. I could go for free delivery but it might be late, or I could spend a little bit more and it would be there on the day.

I loved how clear everything was. It made making decisions really easy. The hardest thing was deciding which bouquet to go with.

Ordered and paid for I sat back with nothing else to worry about.

On the day I was emailed to tell me they were out for delivery and again once delivered. This meant I did not have to worry about if she had received my gift and meant I did not have to spoil the surprise by asking her if they had arrived.

Little did I know that my sister had ordered me flowers for my birthday too, so just a few days after ordering her’s, I got to experience receiving the flowers too!

It was a Saturday and I had just finished eating breakfast when the doorbell rang. Going to the front door there was no one there but a box was leaning against the wall.

Bringing it in I found it was addressed to me and when I opened it full of flowers!

The larger roses had protective mesh round the flowerheads, while the others were tucked in tissue paper.

There was also a booklet which told me not just what flowers were in my bouquet, but what to do to get the most out of my flowers and an explanation that the flowers were in bud and would soon wake up to look beautiful, which they did.

It was really easy to get them in their vase and looking pretty, and the little booklet answered any questions I might have had, including how to recycle all the packaging.

My only concern was around the size of the box. Although I am sure technically it could go through my letterbox, I am not sure I would want to risk it if I was not sure the person would be home to take it in.

You can tell they have taken a lot of time to think about the whole experience from start to finish for both the gifter and the recipient. And I think it is a really great example of good service design.

This is not just a nice website, they have thought about all the touch points from selecting the flowers to knowing they have been delivered, to making the best of the flowers when they arrive, even if you are not a trained florist.

I will certainly be using them again, what better recommendation is there.

[All comments are my own and I have received nothing for writing this review, except the flowers gifted to me by my sister.]

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