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UXDI Week 9: 26 - 30 Oct 2015

photo of Luis and me
Luis explaining something to me

Another busy week as we went into the second week of our client project. This week was all about design and actually started on Sunday when we spent the day at Ben’s house working on a first rough paper prototype.

This gave us something to test on Monday and as the week progressed we made changes and made it clickable, then into hi fidelity mock ups.

We met with Rishabh on Tuesday and Thursday and I think he was happy with the work we’ve done. We’ll find out for real when we present the proposed design to him on Wednesday.

Photo of Second Home
Second Home where our client works

Again it was another great week. We’ve worked hard and I’m tired and suffering with a bit of a cold, but I’ve come home happy most night’s knowing that we are really making headway with the project.

Photo of Me with Simon, Zhenjie and Ben
Me with Simon, Zhenjie and Ben

To keep me going I’ve started to listen to some podcasts in the mornings when there is nothing I can do on the train. My favourite is the Design Details podcast where Brian and Byne talk to designers based in San Francisco. It is always interesting, inspiring and full of things that I can identify with and as long as I don’t think about the fact that most of them are younger than me by a good 5 years but are still talking about 'full careers', then it’s fine.

Photo of me posing
Having my photo taken

On Tuesday we had headshots done. A quick photo session with a professional to give us good photos for our portfolios and social media.

On Thursday I attended the Mobile UX meet up at ustwo. It was a really inspiring session called UX for Good. I could have stayed there all night listening to the stuff they’ve worked on and their process. One of the project was MoodNotes which feels like it really might help people. These are the sort of projects I want to work on!

And then on Friday afternoon Christian and James from Sword and Stone came to help us with our presentation skills.

Me and the guys sketching
Creating our first paper prototype

With just a week to go, there still seems to be an awful lot to do but the idea of sleeping until 7am, going for a run any time I want and a bit of evening knitting are beautiful things I am looking forward to and will keep me going for the last 7 days.

[Originally posted on my creative blog - Wild Creations]

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