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UX Bag

A couple of years ago I blogged about creating a UX Tin. This little box went to so many meetings and workshops with me, and was so very useful that I was sad to leave it behind when I left for a new job.

BUBM bag on table.
The BUBM ultra compact electronics organiser

Another job and a new set of workshops and I was feeling the need for a new UX Tin.

However I had learnt a bit since then, like the fact it is really annoying if the tin is too small and you can not close the lid.

So having done a little research I came across the BUBM ultra compact electronics organiser. Being material, it is a bit more flexible than my old tin, and it has a handle to make it easier to carry.

The case open showing some sharpie pens and a pair of sissors.
You can't have enough sharpies

Now I can fill it with sharpies, post-it notes and Blu Tack and they will not burst out while I am walking to my meeting. It is not full yet, I am waiting to see what other useful things I should add to it as I run more workshops with people across the business. But there is plenty of room, so I am not worried.

The other side of the case open showing white board markers and blue-tac.
Still thinking about what to use the pockets for

I am hoping we will get to the same place as the UX Tin, where people ask if I can bring it with me to their meeting. That is when I will know people are starting to appreciate what UX can help them with.

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