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LTUX - Design for AI and System

After a break for the summer, Ladies That UX (LTUX) was back with an event about system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) design.

We were being hosted by Brilliant Basics and before the talks started, we had the opportunity to experience their AI Hub which included Augmented Reality glasses, which made me feel like I was in Ironman’s helmet, a new theatre experience via Virtual Reality and a cocktail maker using a Raspberry Pi, although I did not actually get to try a cocktail.

Once the pizzas arrived (delayed due to torrential rain) the talks got under way.

First up was Emily Sappinton who works for Babylon Health.

She has worked at several companies working on AI, and talked us through designing for AI.

The first thing she told us is that people are sceptical of AI, which I found myself nodding to.

We have expectations of what AI can do for us and businesses like to promise big things, but as she said if you cannot meet these expectations people will lose trust in your product. After all if they cannot set a basic reminder they are very unlikely to trust it with their credit card information.

Her key take aways were:

  • Set appropriate expectations (within and outside the business)
  • Make sure it does a few things really well
  • Make sure you are really saving your customer time
  • Only use voice in appropriate environments
  • Have fun with it, you know people will be testing it

Emily finished up by saying ‘AI shouldn’t be about stealing people’s jobs, but about removing the boring bits’, which I love.

Our second speaker was Nur Karadeniz from Brilliant Basics and spoke about System Design.

We might have heard about service design where you look at a customers journey end to end, but system design takes this to the next level.

Looking not just at the customers journey and the immediate things that influence it, but exploring deeper including the regulations, processes, systems, technologies, data, partners and users in the process to create complicated maps which can show conflicts for the business and the user. These conflicts and maps can help a business to create a road map for the future.

Nur believes that with a new generation of services and platforms we as designers will need to start looking at the bigger picture and understand that we are responsible for the things we design and put out into the world. If we see issues we need to raise them.

As always it was a thought provoking evening and the pizza was good.

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