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LTUX - Leadership: Advice to Your Younger Self

I love the LTUX leadership events. They are so inspiring and motivational and I have been to all of them so far so I could not miss this one titled 'Leadership: Advice to Your Younger Self'.

Photo of the panel
Amy asking the panel about how they got started in design

There was a panel of three leading ladies, Tarnjit Tiyur, Sammy Kingston and Christine Hoover Lanuy chaired by Amy Shore from Foolproof who hosted the event.

It is hard to give you a blow by blow account of what was discussed, especially the personal stories that were shared, but I can pull out my favourite take aways.

  • These include, making the most of opportunities as they crop up and making sure you take people along on your thought journey.
  • The fact that not everyone will love you, but if they did you are probably not doing your job right.
  • You should lead by example, you cannot force people to change; in fact you cannot change a personality but you can request someone change their behaviour.
  • Do not worry about mistakes, but learn from them, after all in most of our jobs no one will die from our mistakes.
  • Learn to say no, remember to take breaks and be kind to yourself.
  • Leadership is not a solo thing, but works with a team to support you.
  • And most importantly, if a job is making you ill, it does not matter how 'amazing' that job is or how 'brilliant' the money is etc, leave.

I am not sure if these ladies realise quite how inspiring they are to people like me, but I really appreciate them taking the time to come and speak at events like this.

I am already looking forward to the next one.

Sadly with Christmas in the way I do not think I will be back with LTUX until Feb 2018 now.

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